Looking for someone that will "back" me in poker games.


Looking for someone that will "back" me in poker games. I'm 35 but started playing playing poker when I was still in diapers.Consider myself a very solid player specialty being Texas hold em. I'm located in north county San Diego, so Oceans Eleven is my stomping grounds however I am willing to travel if seems profitable. Whatever my backer or sponsor buys me in for if I win they get 100% of there buy in back and I Split the winnings 60% to me 40% to you. We can start at the 1/2 table just to see how I play then go from there. Thank you and hopefully we'll be cashing out chips soon!!!


  1. If you've been playing as long as you claim and are good, why do you need a backer?

  2. @Howard007 sometimes I just don't have the funds.

  3. @Csteezy85 funny man

  4. Someone's trying to learn on others dime.... This guy has no shame...

  5. @Csteezy85

    That's a head scratcher.

    I asked if you are as good as you say you are, then why do you need a backer?

    Your reply is very honest but the headscratcher. Your reply was that sometimes you don't have the funds.

    Someone THAT good is supposed to have the funds. There are good reasons to want a backer. However, not having the funds is not a good reason for a great player.

  6. @Howard007 Great point!!!