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I go to Oaklawn on occasions which is just a 45 min drive from where I live. The poker room consist 5 Electronic Poker Tables. I think the tables are geared to generate action. By that I mean if someone is delt KK you can book that 2 other players at the table will have AA & QQ. IMO the cards being delt are not as random as they want you to believe. Just wondering if anyone on here has played on Electronic Tables & what your thoughts are?


  1. I assume from the lack of responses to this post, no one on here has ever played on a electronic table.

  2. I've only played electronic tables on a cruise ship. It was slow because everyone had to be reminded it was there turn...painful. I can't speak to your action/manipulation question

  3. @txbadass Thanks for the reply. The tables take some getting use to.