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Fort Pierce closing for good. No surprise


  1. Yep... it honestly sucks from a location / convenience standpoint but I also get it.. there's no damn way that place was making much, if any money given the volume of activity there and the costs involved to maintain the staff / place.

  2. @darknemus Mismanaged, only a couple good dealers, rake exorbitant, combinations that just spell failure. Shame, because it certainly is a location that has the population and poker players to succeed. Found it funny that the last weekend they were still raking jackpot dollars that will never be paid out. Thieves

  3. @Radio100 - Well they SWEAR they're reopening.. but like I was talking to someone there a couple days ago. Typically, unless your house has burnt down or you've been evicted, you tend to know where you're moving to before packing up to move.. lol. Yep.. the crazy thing is I was looking at a picture of the place in 2013.. and it was PACKED. When they ran tournaments there they drew much bigger crowds.. I managed to win the deepstack once and I recall there being over 120 players in just that one - they had weekly ones that would draw 70 - 80+ people easily which for there is huge (and of course they'd trickle over to the cash tables when busted out, etc)

    Even in discussion of a new location they're supposedly looking for something off of US1.. why in the WORLD would you not go to something near to 95 - i.e. Tradition or St. Lucie W - you know.. where most of the people live? - just boggles my mind. What I don't understand is they are supposed to be legally required to give out that jackpot money.. but.. well... just lol.

  4. @darknemus Your right on everything. It certainly was popular a Few years ago with tournaments and daily promotions. They have no intention of reopening, at least not with current ownership. They couldn’t do horse racing simulcasting the last weekend because they owe the state and the horse men’s associations money they can’t, or won’t, pay so they were cut off. I’m surprised the state of Florida allows them to keep their poker license if they’re not open. I’d bet you the state doesn’t know they kept the “players” money in jackpots, thy may not even know they closed. When I ran racetracks any carryover pools
    HAD to be paid before closing for the season. I’ll guarantee you it’s not
    Legal to keep all the jackpot rake. Anyway, it’s on to West Palm

  5. @Radio100 - Yeah, I have legitimately NO idea how they're keeping the jackpot money. When they told me that I was like "wait.. wut?" - I dig WPB - I just wish they'd get rid of the dumbass button blind in the 1/2 game there (which is primarily what I play as I build my bankroll) - I think I'll bounce between there, Coconut Creek, and occasionally Melbourne (I'm in Stuart) until and if something else pops up. I am going to be curious to see where the few regs who play at FP wind up at (because honestly, every time I've been there easily 75%+ of the players are people who I see there EVERY time I go). Oh well. onward and upward.. lol. Good luck out there wherever you wind up and I hope you crush it!