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Pretty new to playing online. Is it common to get outdrawn so many times? I have people call with 10 6 off just as an example. The draw comes out 10 10 6 blank blank or in any order. Or it hits a straight. Just seems to happen over and over. This is playing in tournaments or sit and go tournaments. Seems not so random or is it bad luck?


  1. Welcome to online poker😢. It looks like poker, but there is not real cards, just some sort of supposedly “random number generator”. But as youve seen, its not very random, its “juiced”. EVERYONE will ALWAYS “get there”. People try to excuse it by saying, “it just seems that way, because you see so many more hands”, total BS.

  2. @Smeagol8 I agree. I’ve seen quads 4 times already in 1 month. Seen 3 people go all in with 2 having A J and the other A 5. The third had pocket K’s. Me being the Third person felt really good with all the A’s out. Flop comes Q 2 A, turn A. And river 5. On a 9 handed table. Seen variations like this maybe 6-7 times. That RNG they use defies odds. Just makes me laugh

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    @Smeagol8 CORRECT. it is NOT truly truly random. now this is with a 52 card deck. so to the people playing keno on machines - not live 80 numbers. HA forget about it. It is 100% possible that you can pick a machine and play your ten spot and your ten spot will NEVER ever come up. Ever! so not truly random. Truly BS is what that is. to all u keno players out there. PLAY LIVE KENO At least you have a one in 9 million chance to hit a 10 spot. Vs Trying to pick a machine that at least has your one and 9 million chance on it. It is possible/probable- depending on the size of Casino-places like Dottys. Your odds of hitting your 10 spot on ANY machine could easily be 0% chance. It could easily be impossible To hit 10 out of 10 playing Keno on a machine because those numbers were never input via human - blocks-sets are inputed. Right now it would take a super computer the size of a football field to truly randomize 52 card poker game! Keno is 80 numbers!!!!!!!! If you want a real poker experience online and also ALL gambling machines will be revolutionized Once quantum computing is in main stream existing. Quantum computers = true randomness and fair keno. LOL ✌️

  4. Sounds like pokerpros to me