Poker Player on Survivor?

General Discussion by shuffleupagus Posted

Saw a poker player named Garrett Adelstein is going to be on Survivor next season. That worked out really well for Jean-Robert the last time. I think I'd like to see Howard Lederer go on just to see how long it would take him to take everyone's supplies, light the camp on fire and run off.

Seriously though - who would be the best poker player to put on Survivor?


  1. I think Eugene Katchalov would be an ideal guy. Super-smart and strategic but soft-spoken enough he won't piss anyone off. Plus some dumb floozie will fall for him too....

  2. Someone put Allen Kessler in there!

  3. LOL at Kessler. He wouldn't last 3 days without his slots. I'd love to see Gavin Smith on there. Him and maybe Lacey Jones just to look at her haha

  4. What deviltry would occur if Men The Master was on Survivor? Marked coconuts? Fires always getting put out? Beef Jerky and Jack Daniels in the tribe's supply basket?

  5. A good one would be Kara Scott. She's one of those nice girls that would never get votes until late but she's strategic enough to catch everyone off guard when needed. Try voting against her at Tribal Council.

  6. David Williams would rock Survivor. In good shape, well-spoken, smart, strategic and a family guy.

  7. How about Jason Koon? I've got an immunity challenge for him.... :wink:

  8. Lindgren would probably do well. Jesse Sylvia could probably go pretty far too.

  9. I'd go for Michael Binger and Matt Glantz. I'd say Pius Heinz but he'd win a challenge and disappear for a year....

  10. Just thinking about a poker player with a lot of coin offering a chop of the million! Everyone would flip out.

  11. That's funny - Burnett and Probst would flip if there was a four-way chop put in place! Seriously though, I'd love to see Gavin Smith. He'd be entertaining as hell on that show.

  12. How about Maria Ho? Can't tell me she wouldn't do well.

  13. Well it sure wasn't Adelstein. Always bring your immunity idol, my friend. The tribe has spoken.