Showing both cards

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Ok...playing 1/2 no limit and not in this hand but just an observation. The two players in this hand go back and forth betting as the board grows to an 8 high straight. They had built a decent pot...but at the end...they checked it back to each other. The first player showed that she had the straight before the last card came on but she only showed one card. The dealer told her to show both cards if she wanted the pot. Meanwhile, the other player shows only one card...a him a higher straight than the board!! But then...he slides his cards...with just the 9 showing..into the muck!!!! The dealer awards the first player the entire pot...stating that the player with the 9 gave his hand up by not showing both cards. That player got up and left the game..complaining the whole time. I thought he was really being an idiot about it...but then i didn't know why they wouldn't have at least split the pot? The next dealer in said that this was a collusion control measure. I still don't know how the best hand losing was collusion control in this case. Your thoughts?


  1. It's a very common rule you have to show both cards to win a hand. I had just such a controversy in a tournament last Thursday. Funny enough, it was after the pot was pushed, the cards were collected, and the next deck brought out of the shuffler. I told Player A, who showed only one card, that you have to show both to win a hand. Suddenly, the game stops and the floor is called. He rules Player A's hand dead and the pot awarded to Player B, who did show both. Player A is upset with me for speaking up because I wasn't in the hand, but I tell him it's not my rule so don't get upset with me. We discuss later it's better to learn now in a $60 tournament than in a $500 cash game pot. Incidentally, our dealer was not a regular in the poker room- she had on a "Table games dealer" nametag so I'm assuming if we had one of the normal dealers he or she would have caught this before it got out of hand. I, too, am confused about the "collusion control" thing. More likely it's an anti-angle-shooting rule.

  2. It's an angle shooting control rule. It's always 2 to win. I see people try that crap in my local room. Dealer always calls them out on it.