This is a true story

General Discussion by Baller about Pete's 881 Club Posted

This past June, Poker Atlas showed that Pete’s 881 Club was hosting one of their $125 (or was it $100? I’m not sure, it’s been so long) 5PM Sunday tournaments (they also hosted them on Saturdays and Mondays, I think). Feeling incredibly isolated due to lockdowns(!) and with a full week of work ahead of me, the idea of playing in the tournament at Pete’s was something to look forward to, to help me get through my week. Pete’s is a very cool venue, and their tournaments are very cool. I also (naively, I know now) thought that it portended things going back to normal, fun being allowed in the Bay Area again. Long story short, Sunday rolls around, and the tournament is no longer listed on Poker Atlas, and I call Pete’s, and the lady who answers the phone doesn’t know anything about a tournament. And here we are, two years after the media hyped “Covid” and there still hasn’t been a tournament ran in the Bay Area, when there were awesome tournaments ran before (my personal favorites were at the Oaks, Lucky Chances, and Pete’s but there were others). The Bay - why are you like this? This used to be one of the best places to play poker.


  1. Also, don’t go to the twoplustwo forum. A few months ago, one of my comments was deleted by one of the moderators, Dinesh.