Wasted time!!

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I went toplay 1-3 Wednesday, signed up 10:10 a.m. , finally sat down 3:30. Dealer couldnt run game or take charge of table.Pushed winning pots to wrong players numerous times. Couldnt figure out winning hands . Spent toomuch time bullshitting aimlessly with players. Couldnt get a drink . They need more tables and trained dealers. looked forward to not driving 2hrs to Foxwoods bout had to wait longer than the ride. 1 more chance, better be a better experience or I'll go back to the "WOODS"


  1. Where is this review for

  2. @Billdo Encore

  3. @Billdo and @mrI76 I think he's referring to the Wasted Time Resort in Brattleboro, Vermont, which I consider to be an attractive place, but that could just be me.

  4. Sounds like you were there on the day when it was a $2000 high hand bonus every 20 minutes. That was the only day there was a wait of multiple hours. I waited about 6 hours that day to sit down, but any other day never waited longer than 45 minutes worst case.