What's up at Caesar's Palace?

General Discussion by doubledigits about Caesars Palace Posted

Man, every time I look at AVP and here people are busting Caesar's Palace. Heard they're evening giving up some space for a nightclub. What's going on????


  1. I heard that they were relocating the poker room to a new place in the casino, and Pure (the nightclub next door to the current poker room) is going to be expanding in to that space.

  2. @JonFriedberg Oh, those clubs are starting to get annoying, its all you see on billboards in Vegas these days

  3. They'd better be on top of everything for the WSOP Circuit event. They're losing traffic fast. From what I've seen, they just haven't been customer friendly in terms of interacting with people. Many people have been telling the dealers are getting snarky and that will absolutely ruin an experience.

    As for the club, hopefully it'll be all Foo Fighters all the time. ;)