2015 WSOP

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I was just wondering if anyone is going to play or planning to play in any events of this years wsop? As for me I planning on playing in event #62 $1,500 NL Holdem bounty. Every player has a $500 bounty on them. Also if I bust out sooner then I expect in that tourney I might play in event #65 $777 lucky 7 NL Holdem. I would like to hear all of your guys plans for this years wsop. Good luck to all of you playing is the wsop


  1. I'm planning on playing in the casino employees event, the $5M guaranteed $500 buy in, and hopefully any other massive field events ..... oh, and hopefully the main event! :moneybag:

  2. I'm playing the Colossus as well, and after I finish second to Rob, I will also come back to play more events.

  3. @zzjitterzz - I guess if the top 2 spots are already locked up in the Colossus, then I'll have to take my 3rd place money and mess around in things like the dealer's choice and 2/7 triple draw.

  4. i guess i have to take 4th now.

  5. I'm planning on playing the Colossus. Probably will bust in the first 30 minutes and go play cash games :-)
    Also will play a couple other random $1500s like the 10 game mix and then top it off with the Main event and pray for another deep run! Good luck to everyone going.

  6. I am gonna try the 235 deepstack...at least twice...if I make a nice score..we will see what else

  7. Im playing in the colossus tournament. I wanna cash and pay for my main event seat.

  8. Still trying to see if I can make it out, if i do I'm also interested in the bounty tournament. Does anyone feel like the starting chip stacks in the Colossus and the Lucky 777 are a bit shallow?

  9. Ten times the buy-in is a lot more than the WSOP used to give. It was fixed at 3x up until last year I think. They've increased the starting stacks for many of the lower buy-in events. I'm quite accustomed to tournaments with t5,000 starting stacks. I'm fine with it.

  10. Can't make it out this year for the Colossus, but will be out for a week June 4-11th, gonna try and win enough to get a seat in the #16 Millionaire Maker. Will grind tourneys all day Friday and try to win the buy-in. Otherwise, I'll try the Daily Deepstacks, and maybe a Golden Nugget Tournament downtown (soft) or the Planet Hollywood Phamous series. Lots of good info at twoplustwo.com, and some general info at vegasmessageboard.com. Good luck, all.

  11. Where is my chip?

  12. Anyone know the usual chop on those daily deepstacks?

  13. @txevans It varies but it can be a pretty high number of people because the blinds get ridiculous after ~1500 people have been eliminated over 12-14 hours. I was in a ten-way chop last year in a $235.

    The problem is the WSOP will not facilitate--so it is a major PITA, and risky, to orchestrate. Among other problems (including people agreeing to chop and then walking about the door with first place money), the unwillingness to facilitate causes tax issues because chop participants actually receive a different amount than what is reported to the IRS.

    I was assuming you were asking how many people chopped. But if you're more interested in what is up top, at peak times last year first place was easily $40K or more.

  14. Good luck to all . . . I will be playing mostly the cash games during the WSOP.

  15. @pokervane That's great info to have dude...guess i would rather be the ass**** who refused to chop than the suckered who saw the chop money go out the door or pay extra taxes on someone else's money! If first place is 40k....I would be fine with whatever 10th place is.

  16. Playing colossus may buy in twice and playing nl 6 max

  17. Just a note about the Colossus- the WSOP is actively and strongly encouraging players to preregister because of the sheer volume of people expected. You have until two weeks before any event to do so. I am going to because I don't want to get shut out. They're expecting 15,000+ players and will be able to accommodate over 20,000. It could be either awesome or a sh*tshow.

  18. @zzjitterzz can you tell me where and when colossus is ? How much is registration? And a web link if you know it ? Thanks

  19. @zzjitterzz I pre registered for colossus already. Hopefully day 1 flight 1 won't be shitshow. Based on anticipated buyins prize pool could be over 10 mil. Maybe 2 plus million for first.

  20. @floppedtripschi anyone know any good deals on flights and booking ? I'm a newbie at this lol reg is 600 but I presume that is just for buy in right? Flight and hotel is not packaged in this is it? Anyone no of a 1800 number I can call for more info? Cheers,

  21. @Smoke I booked my trip on orbitz. I'm in chicago and staying for 8 days with my brother and staying mid strip total cost for airfare and hotel was $715 each. Which was rather inexpensive.

  22. @Smoke Depending on where you are, AllegiantAir has some inexpensive flights. Their airport hubs and flight days are limited, but you can save a couple hundred bucks for the tournaments. I paid $369 round trip from Appleton to Vegas.

  23. played in Monster Stack in 2014, was smart and registered early. it was a total Cluster#&^@ for anyone who didnt get in early. Some players I believe sat down at 10pm, around level 8, full starting stack, but that really was irrelevant considering how high the blinds are by then. They were NOT prepared for the huge turnout, and people were rather vocal about it to WSOP officials.
    So going to assume the Colossus and Monster THIS year, 2015, will be a lot better prepared. Me, maybe play the Colossus, $1000 events.. cant do the Monster, that has to be 2016..it is probably the best format for the $$$$$ of any tourney in Vegas, not just in the WSOP events..

  24. @jluv81
    5,000 chips but 40 min. levels the first day aren't bad. A lot of small tourneys near me only have 4,000 chips and 15 or 20 min. levels. I've played 12,000 chip starting stack but with 20 min levels the blinds get up there after 5 or 6 levels.

    I'm pre-registered for the $777. I'm a newbie for WSOP and day #1 is July 3. Is day #2 on July 4th or July 5th???

  25. @robvegaspoker
    That means Day #3 is July 5th, which is our wedding anniversary. She wants me to spend Day 3 on the final table trying to win her anniversary gift!