7 stud in Las Vegas ?

Question by tomsills Posted

Where can I play 7 stud in Las Vegas ?

Where's best ?

I'm trying that darned Texas Hold 'Em, but I still stink at it,

Tom Sills


  1. Forgot to mention: I'm not good enough even at 7 stud to bet the farm.

    Low limits preferred! I'm in it for the fun.

    Tom Sills

  2. Tom,

    As an individual game, stud is essentially nonexistent in Las Vegas, except at mid-stakes ($20/$40) and even then only during the WSOP. You can find it as part of a mixed game, but that is generally it.

    I know that Aria will frequently run a $4/$8 mixed game, which usually allows each player in the game to pick a poker variant for the rotation of games. The Orleans does HORSE tournaments, which obviously have stud in the mix. In addition, I have heard that there is a weekly mixed game down at Binion's, but no idea what the stakes are or if stud is typically part of the rotation.