AC Best Poker Rooms & Tournaments

Question by Pokerslick86 Posted

Hello All! Me and my wife are planning a trip to AC. Haven't been down since PA got Table games and poker rooms. Was wondering, since so much has changed since that time, where are the best rooms and tournaments at now. I know before the Borgota was about the best. Any insight will be helpful! Run good all!


  1. Nothing beats the Borgota. September they have a televised WPT event you will find lots of action.

  2. The Borgata is the gold standard for action & decor (especially w/ the WPT next week). But if you want the best value (i.e. profit), check out the Golden Nugget (formerly Trump Marina). The room is small compared to the other rooms in AC, but the decor make you feel like James Bond in Casino Royal. Good bounty tourneys + the do a big 10K tourney the last Saturday of the month.

  3. I have a friend who loves the Golden Nugget, and I am planning to check it out with him soon.