any Vegas home games?

Question by KarstenShort Posted

Looking to join a home cash game to keep playing while the casinos are shutdown. If anyone is hosting feel free to comment below


  1. Hi I’m Atlanta I’m hosting private poker party hit me for details. 4044229318

  2. Download pokerrrr 2 app
    Join with club code vhbe3
    Bullseye poker
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  3. @Trapeezee i don't believe you do instant payouts.

  4. @Skeptacleez join the club and try it out bud, no commitments.

  5. @Skeptacleez hehe

  6. @Trapeezee ill love to join

  7. @Tootsieroll hey bud go ahead and enter the code, then follow instructions after to join! you will have to text one of the owners to get started!

  8. If you need a dealer for this home game, let me know Karsten!

  9. @SantaShark That's awesome! I'm definitely interested! I dont know if there is a way to private message someone on here. Do you have an email I could message you through?