Are there any marijuana friendly poker rooms in California or Colorado?

Question by Mets1986 Posted

Since, it is 4/20, I figured I would ask if there were any poker rooms in California or Colorado or anywhere in North America where smoking pot is ok...anyone have any idea?


  1. I believe smoking pot is still prohibited in public places in CO. Oh the repression....

  2. I don't live in CO or CA, but doesn't the law ban smoking "the weed" in public places?

  3. @mark imagine the contact high you would get in a poker room that allowed pot smoking. Wonder if it would affect the # of hands dealt per hour.

  4. @pokerproassistant it would certainly affect the amount of food sold

  5. i live in the great state of colorado. no to your question,sir. like mark said earlier cant smoke in public places . plus most poker rooms r smoke free.

  6. What about outside of the US?

  7. @angerisagift haha wouldn't that really piss some people off if you could smoke pot in the rooms but not cigarettes (insert pot laugh here)

  8. @pokervanes_boss true. i am smoke bcuz of my glaucoma lol. but u can get some edibles thou thc indused candies and such