Aria & Bellagio Poker Rooms open March 14 regarding Corona Virus?

Question by mgorman247 Posted

Are the Aria & Bellagio Poker Rooms open March 14 going forward regarding Corona Virus?

Any poker room closing?



  1. casinos never close

  2. I saw California was shutting down card rooms I haven’t seen Vegas yet

  3. @siro false. The gaming commission of Massachusetts and the state of Massachusetts decided to force their casinos to close for 3 weeks.

  4. Indiana and Illinois casinos are closed.

  5. Want to rethink your comment on casinos never close... ALL MGM properties in Vegas, Wynn, Encore.... looking like Las Vegas boulevard is going dark.

  6. @Cypress Hunter must be so weird to be there now

  7. Nevada's Governor has stated no more than 3 chairs at table games in casinos.

  8. @siro haaaa