Most of us, or should I say all, would like to be a pro some day. Nothing out the works best in my opinion than bouncing ideas, tactics, and strategies off one another during or after a tournament. Hit me up, talk with me, or even meet to go play a game. What better way to up our game than to constantly challenge each other to become better players.


  1. Man I'm looking for colleagues to make a group of poker studies. It worked for me and my guys time ago, now I'm back into the action to improve a lot of new things. I'm 25 years old, write me back if you're interested to be part of the aces A

  2. @Gutti@91
    I'm definitely interested, I'd like a group to not only play some cards with but also build on the ideas of others. I'm 28. Let's do this. Im not shy so hear my number 7609373091. Hit me up

  3. @Gutti@91 I'm interested in your group do you have an email?

  4. I love to talk and listen to stradgy cause I think I am good with a lot of years of playing but know I am not the best so the more I play and learn what I did right and what I am doing wrong will always up my game love to have a pro watch be play for a short wile and evaluate my games and tell me what they see in my poker face and body language i love to teach newer players my game and what I seen and learn but know my game still needs work to play with the big boys so love to be part of a group to share wisdom I am 58 retired so looking for new things to do for 2018 my number is 702 986 3853 please text me before calling so i know who is calling me and why cause I screen calls