Bad beat fund mishandled

Question by Krusherlaw about Horseshoe Baltimore Posted

This is a situation which came up in a $6/12 horse game at the Horseshoe Baltimore. This is a brand new casino and the dealers need a lot of improvement in handling the horse game. It's understandable and I am sure they will get better.

Here is the situation. HORSE does not participate in the bad beat jackpot. About 15 minutes into a new dealers down a player who happens to be a dealer at a different casino notices this dealer has been taking a jackpot drop. The floor is called over and he has no idea what to do. He says he will talk to a supervisor. The game breaks two hours later with no response.

How should this situation have been resolved?


  1. Obviously stop the drop at the point that it is noticed. As for what has already been dropped: in 15 minutes it can't be more that $5-$7. Take out what has been dropped and splash the pot.

  2. I agree with Gamin. Stop immediately and splash the pot with $10.....or perhaps better yet, rake $1 less every hand for the same time period.

  3. I agree with the others, a splash or reduced rake to give back to the game would be the best options. For future reference, I'd suggest to the floor that they should have something to cover the jackpot drop slot for games where it is not taken -- one of the game plaques that gives information about the rake works well. It's really easy for dealers (even at places like TI that run mixed games often) to zone out and try to drop the jackpot dollar. So, having something in place when the game is opened up to prevent that issue will save everyone a lot of grief.