bad luck or a norm for a beginner

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So I've been playing poker for roughly 2-3 months now. I put in a decent amount of studying, play quite often and understand how to use the mathematics side of poker when playing. I do everything I've learned dealing with odds, outs, waiting for good hands and using position to my advantage. My question is, why am I a losing player, my first month I was making a profit - nothing huge, but a profit. Now I am negative, I don't understand why I'm losing all the time. I'll fold for hours, get pocket kings and get beat on the river with a set of Queens. I know as a beginner you're not gonna turn much of a profit, but is it normal to be negative and not cash out 90 percent of the time when you're doing everything. I know luck is not the tell all about poker, but do I not have a tiny bit of luck to be a profitable poker player or is this just the norm for the beginner players?


  1. Based on a number of things that I've read roughly 90% of all poker players are losing players. So, it is really normal to lose as a beginner. Over a short period (and 2 to 3 months is a short period), you could very easily have a run of bad luck and not cash out much at all. Conversely, you very easily could have been lucky in a few spots in the first month when you were profitable. Honestly, I know a professional who went over 3 months and was break even and he plays about 30 to 40 hours per week, so a couple months of not cashing out much as a beginner is totally standard.


  2. Do not worry about that! To my mind, it is just the norm for the beginner player like you are. Follow if you want to learn more information about this game!

  3. Agree with the previous two comments and want to add you maybe playing too predictable. Players could be getting reads on you by the way you’re betting. In cash games you need to mix it up so players can’t put you on a hand by the way you bet. Watch for patterns from the other players to put them on hands. Tournaments are more about playing the percentages and not taking a lot of risks.

  4. Remember, every bit of information on how to get better that's available to you, is available to everyone else as well. More people are better and becoming better at poker just because of the boatload of help that is out there in form of books, dvd's, pay sites, and even YouTube.