Best poker room for tourist in Vegas

Question by BSMN1 Posted

I am going to Vegas next week, 12-22-29/17. I will be staying at the Mirage but am curious where other poker players (NLH) like to play and why. Thanks!


  1. The best place to play if you want good games around the clock is the Orleans casino they have about 30 dif games going on all during the day and hardly ever goes lower than 10 games even between 2 am till 7 when most places have no games going on between 2 am till 7 and you can play 2.4 4.8 no limit Omaha and hi low very nice place with tounamens twice a day

  2. @Paul1959 Thanks Paul. Will check it out. Any "low hanging fruit" around?

  3. good grief, the LAST place i suggest would be the Orleans, unless you want to play with a bunch of grumpy and rude locals. a short walk from the mirage are two of the nicest rooms in vegas, the venetian and the wynn poker rooms.

  4. @zzyzx thanks! I'd heard about the Venetian but happy to hear about the Wynn. I won't be doing a "short walk" anywhere as I'm a Viet Nam DAV but UBER is there, so so will I!!

  5. @BSMN1
    The new "wynn" poker room is now actually located in the Encore, so if you use uber or lyft,
    have them drop you off at the Encore.

  6. @zzyzx Thanks again!

  7. The Orleans is chock-full of solid regulars who are there for the promotions. The Mirage actually has a decent room - you should start there, especially because it'll be downstairs from you!

  8. @zzyzx the Wynn was nice