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I’m just curious what others think about this: The purpose of “blinds” is to incentivize people to play, and not just wait for big hands. And the purpose of “antes” is to incentivize people NOT in the blinds to play, right? So what is the point of “big blind antes”? Yeah, it speeds up the game vs normal antes, but since the Big blind is already “incentivized” by paying the Big Blind, what is the point of having him pay the ante, too? All it does is make a more aggressive blind structure. If you want to speed up the game, don’t have antes AT ALL.

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  1. agree 💯

  2. @fadingcards13 agree

  3. The purpose of blinds and the purpose of antes is to put money into the pot before the hand starts so that the pot has some sort of value when action begins. Otherwise there would be no reason to open the betting. I don't really know why some games went to a blind structure over an ante structure and I don't like the the BB being responsible for the big forced bet and all the ante either but it has nothing to do with giving any position more incentive to play over any other position. The reason tourneys went to a blind and ante structure is for the same reason level times keep shrinking. It's all to speed up a tournament. Shorter tournaments equal higher profits.