Casino Montreal

Question by Krusherlaw Posted

I am heading to Montreal next weekend. I read some pretty negative reviews of Casino Montreal on 2+2. Anyone have any experience? I will probably want to play early in the morning (3am-8am) during the week before the kids wake up. Will they have any games at that time?


  1. Hi Krusherlaw. I have not played there myself,but a friend of mine use to once in a while. He did not find many games going and the players at the table will talk French. Which Canberra a little disconcerting. If you have a car I would try the Playground or even Snakes before the casino.

  2. Stopped in to CDM at 3:00 am Sunday morning. I was very pleased with the poker room. I had only two complaints. First the poker room is a bit difficult to find. You have to go all the way to the top floor of the casino and except for a bar and a few slot machines there is nothing else up there. Second is that they don't have cocktail waitresses. This is not a huge problem b/c there is a bar right by the entrance to the poker room. They also offer self service soft drinks.

    The room has twenty five tables. When I arrived they had ten tables going with open seating. Getting seated was no problem. Management filled vacancies efficiently and broke games when necessary. The only games offered at that tine were $1/2 nlhe but I got the impression that they occasionally get games as big as $5/10nlhe.

    French and English are spoken at the table. The dealers will call the action in both languages. For exampl "raise Dix, ten" I speak enough french to understand about half of what the players were saying when they would talk to each other and I do not think collusion was an issue. Players and dealers were both helpful in explaining french poker jargon. One thing that takes a little adjustment is the French deck. R=King, D=Queen, and V=Jack.

    The casino itself is centrally located in the city near the water. When I went there were a couple of detours that my navigation didn't pick up. As a result I got lost on the way home. I'll put the blame for that on the Quebec transportation department.

    Montreal is a GREAT city. I wouldn't come here to play poker but if you have a few hours to kill stop by the casino.