Crazy 3-6 mixed game in Vegas? Or other mixed games?

Question by Stummies Posted

Hi players - years ago I played in the weekly 3-6 mixed game at what used to be the Imperial Palace. It was a super fun mix of some really wild games, multiple draws, multiple flops, etc. Does this still exist? I think I heard it had perhaps moved to the TI?

Or if this particular mixed game is gone, are there any other low-limit mixed games that run regularly at the Vegas strip casinos I would love to know - thanks!


  1. TI has since closed their poker room. I'm not a local but I haven't heard of a weekly low-limit mixed game in Vegas. I played $4-8 mix at Wynn over the summer, but that may be because of the WSOP being in town. If you find one, post it here.

  2. I used to play in the IP/TI mixed game off and on. It was more or less dead before TI closed their room. There are a couple of facebook groups for mixed games in Vegas, but they mostly seem to attract players at $4/8, $6/12 or higher.


  3. $4/8 mix game runs fairly regularly at Aria though last night there was a $3/6 mix game at PHo which I have never seen there before.