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During the WSOP, I entered a daily deep stack for 235 bucks. Starting stack was 15k. Seemed like it would be a great tourney. Anyway...started at 3 pm..and by 1230 am later..I did manage to cash for 535. Seems like this tourney had a pretty good structure for the price. What are some thoughts out there from more experienced players than me?


  1. The structure speeds up later by skipping certain blind levels, but for the price point its hard to compare. You will get a little more play in the Venetian Deep Stack events, but the prize pools and overall weakness of the player pool in the WSOP daily deepstack far outweigh the structure issues. It's a great tourney to play daily for those not bankrolled or intersted in the bracelet events.

  2. What Benton said. The massive prize pools are the big selling feature. I've played one each year I've been to Vegas for the past four years, and this year's had 1400+ players. You do have to play for several hours just to mincash, and until 3am or so to final table, but the ~$50k first place will make it worth it. So it is a significant time commitment but a 5-figure cash might make up for the lost sleep.

  3. @zzjitterzz ok..thanks...yeah...the 50 k top prize is what made me think it would be worth a go to. Do you guys know about chop situations at the final table and what the normal is? I'm sure nobody ever gets the full first place money alone.

  4. @txevans I know there often is a chop, but I'm pretty sure it just depends on ships stacks and the players. Some final tables chop at 9 and everyone walks away with 10k or so, other do a chip count chip based on ICM later when there are only a few left. So the long and short answer is "it depends."

  5. @BentonBlakeman. Well cool..even a shot at 10k is worth staying up past bedtime.

  6. If you qualify for the Seniors (50+), go for it. It's only $1k to enter and the field is 4000+ players.