Do gals play differently than guys?

Question by GirlyGirl Posted

Title kinda says it all. What do you think?


  1. I give up. Tried to answer this three times

  2. Let me try a fourth time: Any generalization of course doesn't apply to all women players. BUT: 90% of the females I play just play their cards. Meaning they don't bluff. Meaning if they act like they have the best hand, don't doubt them. Secondly; women don't like to fold. If they think you are trying to bully them out of a hand, they WILL NOT fold those pocket threes. I can't count how many times my AK shove has been called by a lady with 33 - something that has never happened with a guy.

  3. @Smeagol8 - yeah, sounds about right. Advice for beginners says to play "safe" cards. Even though I've played for years, I still do that. And I cringe thinking about the times I should've shoved on the turn even with a mediocre hand. When I have, I've won. Maybe too many years of being told to play nice?

  4. @Smeagol8 they do bluff, but only rarely!

    they will likely have a strong draw.

  5. @Smeagol8
    I agreed. I dont know if they have the sense of cards or people or not.... but dont try to bluff them. They will call your small stack all in with anything. Or A high... they dont slow play... and will bet with middle pair and call you down if you reraise.....