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Am I wrong here? I feel that it's goid manners to acknowledge your opponent when one eliminates the other in a tournament. Last week a guy out kicked me and knocked me out of the game. I said good hand and good luck. . Guy didn't even look up at me. I know he heard me. Maybe some guys are just sore winners.


  1. I understand how you feel, but when I think back to certain cases where I was in that guy's position, I often felt so relieved at surviving — and guilty about winning with lame holdings — that I may have forgotten to look up and acknowledge the person I knocked out, and I certainly didn't intend any disrespect.

    Usually, when I'm eliminated, I just stand up and say something bland and indifferent to the entire table, like "good luck" or "drive safe." That way, I feel okay if even one of them acknowledges me, instead of hoping for a positive social interaction from the person who is trying to stack all of my chips.

  2. I just think it's a dick move to refuse to acknowledge the guy when you eliminate him. I always say something when i knock someone out. This guy kept looking to the left and right to avoid seeing me. I guess this happens when you play at a table whete 8 out of 10 are on a first name basis with each other and the dealers and you're not.