First Time in Vegas

Question by DavidPrizzle Posted

Whats the best spot for limit poker?


  1. Assuming that you will be staying on the strip, then there are basically 3 or 4 choices:
    Mirage runs a $3/6 limit game regularly
    Flamingo runs a $2/4 limit game regularly
    Bellagio runs a $4/8 limit game regularly

    The Orleans (which is near the strip and has a shuttle that picks up behind the High Roller Observation wheel), runs both 2/4 limit and 4/8 limit regularly


  2. Love the Flamingo 2/4 game. Usually a chill and soft crowd, and drink service is fairly solid.

  3. @DapPoker
    Depends if u are looking to plo or not is real question i would say best room in vegas is wynn poker room and have everything from “1:2 limit to 10/20 limit

  4. Thumbs up with a Flamingo ,this is the one of the stunning place in Vegas here 2/4 Fixed Limit Hold'em is spread..Good Luck!!