First Time Tournament Advice

Question by Vlad2075 Posted

Hi all! I'm generally an online player (still a newbie at that too!) but since I am visiting AC next week for a few days, I wanted to try my hand at a tourney.

Can anyone offer any advise for first timers? I'll probably get shellacked but I want to get over the fear and anxiety of it.


  1. Just relax and don’t play with scared money. Write down all the hands you played and analyze them later. Good luck!

  2. Play how you would online keep a eye who playing tight and and loose makes a difference at table live cause u changing ur game will problematic in long run if u cant read table also go to low buy in till you get comfortable with higher buy in tournies

  3. Go to the trop saturday night or friday it 55 dollars total most 10 players u will get good experience for money most new players can gain experice gain live play and saturday 55 at nugget tourney saturday

  4. Stay away from borgata you will not do well for first timer i live locally

  5. @thereshegoes Thanks buddy!

  6. @Ascher9999 Trop is exactly where I was planning on going, but I won't be there on a weekend. Going Tuesday - Thursday. North Jersey here :)

  7. @thereshegoes Do they let you write stuff down at the tables or do they frown upon that?

  8. Tues and thurs tourney yes they write stuff down just not on phone

  9. @Ascher9999 ballys has a 45 dollar turbo if u are intrested

  10. @Kooges very good advice!