FreeRolls and West Houston poker club

Question by jflores89 Posted

Why are these two clubs closed today? Unannounced?


  1. Raided by police

  2. @louiegrandie hit the send button too soon. After the two clubs were raided by police a number of clubs voluntarily shut down

  3. LVG
    • LVG

    Yes cops started closing down hourly rake rooms. These were only 2 printing serious money so they made examples out of them. They ignored the cease and desist letters from the DA for months. Three rooms by me closed down after getting the letters.

  4. @LVG whats “hourly rake”? the $15 an hr they charge?

  5. @louiegrandie There are many allegations. I’m sure the casinos in Louisiana pushed it and the DA followed orders. Bottom line the card rooms are private and don’t hurt a thing unless the owners are doing things they should not be. Time to legalize gambling in Texas and open casinos.