Google Glass & Poker

Question by shuffleupagus Posted

Should Google Glass be allowed at the poker table?


  1. Good question. That'd effectively boil down to a real-life HUD. Clearly that'd be an advantage for the Glass users, so until wearables are cheap and commonplace, it probably makes sense to disallow them at the table.

  2. I say allow them. Mostly because I would love to see a player wearing them get pissed off when they lose a big pot and accidentally smash them or some thing.

  3. No way. Wouldn't that be like using a calculator (or camera) at the table? Seems like it will eventually be tough to police, but doesn't feel like it should be permitted IMO

  4. @pokerproassistant I assume someone would (*will*, actually) write a poker "HUD" app for glass pretty soon. So I'd use it to track stats, showdowns, etc, on every player at the table. One could accurately track people's VPIP, 3-bet %s, showdown wins, etc, etc. Eventually, a subscription service would likely emerge to pool glass data between users, so if another glass user played a session with someone in AC, and that guy sites down at my table in Vegas, I instantly have a wealth of info on him.....and he has no idea.

    I'd, of course, also use it to chat with people, tweet, read news, etc, while at the table, but I think the above is really the relevant discussion point here!

  5. Note, though, that the above live Glass-HUD situation is no different than what's happening when you play online at a number of sites today. Some opponents are using detailed tracking software, some aren't.

    At least at a live table you can tell who's wearing glass and thus might be tracking your play...