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Hi guys,
So this is the situation I'm small blind. Blinds are 8,000/15,000 this is the final table with 9 remaining. I'm in seat 5. Seat 1 goes all in for 15,700 then sear 2 shoves for 65,000. I'm sitting with 70,000 KQ clubs. I sit and think about it. I'm only worried about seat 2. What would you guys do? I ended up folding and seat 1 had A6 while Seat 2 had A10. Flop 479 turn Jack river 10. I would've hit a straight and would have been commanding chip leader.


  1. First glance, I think its a fold. But, for due diligence and to help myself learn, I ran some numbers.

    If you think that the short stack in seat 1 is going to shove with any ace, any pair, or any 2 broadway cards, then you are about a coin flip with him. So, if it had folded to you then in that case you should call his bet or shove over the top to isolate (assuming that the big blind is not a huge stack that could crack you, in which case, I might just call to keep the pot small).

    But it did not fold to you. Instead, another player, who has you covered, shoved already to isolate. So, you have to think that his range of hands is slightly stronger than the first player. For the sake of running numbers, I'm going to put him on the following range: any pair, A-8 suited or better, A-10 off or better, KQ (suited and off), K-J to K-9 suited, Q-J to Q-9 suited, J-10 and J-9 suited, and 10-9 suited. You can argue about some of them, but that's probably at least a reasonable range and might include some hands he is not shoving with. If you take that range and the same range for the initial shove out of seat 1, then the pot odds are as follows:
    seat 1 short stack is about 30%
    seat 2 big stack is about 36%
    You are about 33%

    So basically, you'd have to call off all of your chips and be about a 55-45 underdog for the main pot. Fold.

    That said, if you had been in seat 2, then you have to shove, because you will get a lot of folds behind you and isolate the small stack.


  2. Da is correct! The hand results don't matter. You made the right play. Kq suited is a dog to any ace.

  3. Poker is one of the greatest mind game that I ever played. Chess and scrabble are next. Like any other game there's always ups and downs. In poker, the down trend are greater than the ups. I even sometimes think that this game is controlled by supernatural forces that we don't see. Others call it "poker gods" and there's no such thing. I do think that my skills are above others considering the book I read, the number of games I played... but when these downs hit me, it is almost impossible to reverse. I would hit straight and someone will hit the flush. My set of A's will be beaten by a straight and so on. My point was, to share to other players to recognize these trends when it happens to hit you.... slowdown. There is always tomorrow or just play free games online till you feel you are genius again.