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So wanted to know if i played this hand right been kind of bugging me for the last moth im at a 1/2 table its my third hand i get dealt KJ off limps to mid postion with pocket 44 raise to $7 and 6 callers on note everyone was limped before so i call flop comes J 8 J i check he bets 15 i call the turn is a 6 of hearts i check he checks river is a 4 i bet 30 he makes 75 i called is that a cooler situation or just a bad river card


  1. The only thing you should do is call. You have the absolute worse full house. Which is good show down value. But so many hands were made on the river it's hard telling. I feel you played it right.

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  3. @Caveman202 he doesn't have a full house. He's got trips. And he should have raised flop and bet big on turn. Villain would have folded and it's a positive r.o.i. for the hand.

  4. Opinion: (Depends on how the loose the other player was playing) I think you played the hand too conservatively on the flop and turn. It seems like you wanted to slow play, but unless you think you can get optimal value on the turn or river you should have considered re-raising on the flop or definitely betting on the turn. Or else you allow too many possibilities to hit on the river (Flush, Straight, or Full House). Your call on the river was the best play, with that amount invested his raise could very well have been representing just another jack or AK. Take it easy buddy, it is bad luck. Shoulda Coulda Woulda, move on to the next hand without emotions and you will eventually win your money back.