home poker games coconut creek Florida 33073

Question by tcopple74 Posted

Anyone have or want to play Texas holdem home game in coconut creek Florida. 33073


  1. I def do

  2. Is one running ?

  3. @baruk420 I want to run a home game here if we can get at least 6 people

  4. @baruk420 I will provide food and drinks for free.

  5. @tcopple74 I will def be in to play . I’m also trying to start one just because I want to play lol . Let me know 954-557-8138

  6. @tcopple74 I’m in! 100%

  7. @baruk420 Have ya had any luck ?

  8. @Acesfull290 not yet. Do you know of anyone that wants to play. I have a few coming down for the weekend

  9. @Acesfull290 I tried calling you. Call me. 954 668 4977. Troy

  10. @tcopple74 3862812808 text me I think someone in this thread may be hosting a game this weekend

  11. @Acesfull290 I will host a game if you want also if not. 954 668 4977