How is the action at Caesars Las Vegas 1/2nl games lately?

Question by ron200 Posted

I have never been to the new room so was wondering how the action is these days and since it's 1/2nl now with double comps and double tier credits.

Because of those things I am thinking it could be local infested.


  1. Ron,

    I'm a local and, until non-poker things got in the way, used to play there with some regularity. There are a fair share of locals in the room, but the games are still decent. Honestly, rooms like Harrah's, MGM & Bally's which run weekly or monthly freerolls tend to attract more locals than Caesar's Palace does.

    I got to the point that when I was still playing regularly, I'd head towards one casino center strip and look at who was in the room before even approaching the podium. I've had times where I recognized 75% of the players in a room as local freeroll chasers, so I walked to another casino.


  2. I don't think there's a higher percentage of locals in there than there is at Aria or Wynn, to name two other rooms without promos. But there's locals in every Vegas poker room (the rooms couldn't stay open without them). The action varies from game to game but it's not bad at all. I'll second what Dap Poker said and say you should probably be more concerned with the rooms that offer freerolls. Those rooms are real reg-magnets.