LA casino rake is too high but east coast is low, why?

Question by fatmozzzzie Posted

I move to LA from CT and mohegan sun or foxwoods provide 1/2 with max rake 6 dollars. However, in LA, min rake is 5+1+1. I am wondering why is that and is there any friendly LA homegame with low stakes?


  1. Yeah, LA rake/drop is ridiculous. I live in the area so whenever I travel to another state I try to get more play time in knowing the drop is much smaller. LA is so bad with the rake that the smallest stakes games are not worth playing. This is made even worse since you're essentially playing short stack poker with 20-40BBs and often the players at the table are even shorter than that.

  2. Yeah 5/5 is the lowest worth playing, if you're comfortable at that. Can buy in for 300 and just play short stacked.

    Morongo is only 1.5 hours from LA though, and has 1/3 with up to a $4 drop, so it is bearable. Worth the drive - I go once a month or so.