Las Vegas January 1-5 2019

Question by Cypress Hunter Posted

Hey can anyone tell me how Vegas is in January? My son and nephew are turning 21 (1 in October this year and the other January 2nd) and we're planning a trip for them to Vegas. I will spend most of the time in the Aria poker room - anyone know if this is a really down time?

The boys will be doing what boys do at 21 in Vegas. Are the shows, clubs and strip still as busy as say October?

Any info or insight is appreciated.


  1. New Year's Eve is always packed. Since it falls on a Monday, the weekend before will almost certainly be busy as well. Most people are going to be leaving the day you are coming in or the day after. So, I'm guessing that it's going to be pretty slow for most of your stay and then pick up again on Thursday or Friday night.