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Where would you recommend to play limit hold'em for a newbie player? I've done a lot of studying and playing online but I don't have a lot of experience with live play. I'm staying downtown but I realize downtown is pretty much limited to Golden Nugget. I plan on playing there but also looking for other options for limit games.


  1. To admit my bias upfront, I am NOT a fan of $2/$4 limit poker (the most common variant of limit poker on the Las Vegas Strip). So, take my advice with that in mind.

    It's not my favorite game, but I do have a fondness for $2-$6 spread limit Texas Hold Em. The ability to raise the blinds ($1 SB and $2 BB) by an additional $6 will sometimes allow you to actually narrow the field or even take down a pot pre-flop. I like having that option and not just playing in a game where almost everyone sees a flop.

    You can play $2-$6 spread limit poker at Excalibur. If you have a car and are willing to drive, you can add the Cannery in North Las Vegas as another option.

    You can also play $3/$6 fixed limit at the Mirage, as well as $4/$8 limit at the Bellagio and Venetian. The game at the Mirage should be fairly weak (I haven't played it in a few years). I suspect the games at the Bellagio and Venetian will be a little bit tougher, but you need to be moving up in stakes to beat the rake (whether on this trip or eventually is something you have to determine if you are ready for). So, Excalibur and Mirage might be the two first rooms I would recommend for your first session.


  2. Allin pretty much covered it. The only other place on the strip that gets a regular limit game is Flamingo, which is $2/4 limit. Have fun and good luck!


  3. I recently played 3-6 limit at the Mirage - it was a fun/friendly game with a mix of locals and tourists.
    I've always found Flamingo to be a really fun atmosphere but room is cramped and showing it's age.
    Both are good options in my book. Good luck! Enjoy your first live game!

  4. Limit hold'em is increasingly rarer on the Strip these days. Venetian's 4/8 game hardly ever runs, I used to play it fairly frequently. It's pretty much Bellagio (4/8), Mirage (3/6) and Flamingo (2/4). Those run consistently and I believe Flamingo sometimes gets a 4/8 going. And of course the 2/6 spread game at Excal.

    MGM tried to revive their limit game business just a few months ago with some really sweet promos and could hardly ever get a game going.

    There's plenty of options off the Strip though at the locals places. Orleans, Red Rock, Green Valley Ranch, etc, almost always have 2/4 games going, as well as maybe 3/6 and 4/8.

    But where you're staying, Golden Nugget, has one of the most consistently going 2/4 games in Vegas, so you are lucky in that.

  5. Thanks for all of the replies. I greatly appreciate it!!

  6. @Lionel Messi Golden Nugget downtown is a great place to play. Very accommodating for newbie players. I also played Excalibur on the strip. I only played one session there and it was 2-6 spread. Both games had lots of action with anywhere from four to six players in the pot every hand. Excalibur has a promotion for four of a kind and I got beat on a hand by four 7's. The player who had the 7's got to spin a wheel and won $25 in chips.

    I liked the Nugget best but Excalibur is a decent place to play as well.