Limit v. No Limit

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I'm sure there will be a lot of people reading this post and rolling their eyes; but I have to ask. I play no limit here in Texas and Vegas when I go; tournaments and cash games. In our local league after you're knocked out we have a $1-2 pot limit game.

This year I have a buddy going to Vegas with us and he asked me what was the limit on limit hold 'm in Vegas. And to be honest I don't know. If we can find a limit table what are the rules? If it's $1-2 what's a typical bet? Can you bet pot? If someone knows please give me a little more information.



  1. in vegas, you will find mostly no-limit holdem games on the strip. I have never seen a pot-limit holdem game, only pot limit omaha.
    there are limit holdem games in which the betting is structured. if you are playing a 4-8 limit game, the betting is $4 pre-flop and $4 on the flop but then will increase to $8 on the turn and river. you can never bet the pot in a "limit" game. in a limit game the raising is also usually capped at three raises per betting round unless the action is heads up, then there can be an unlimited number of raises.

  2. It's going to be difficult or impossible to find a casino based PL Holdem game. There are several "Spread Limit" games that might work for you guys. These are usually in the lower stakes variety, like 2-6 spread limit hold em at Excalibur.

    What this means is that you can bet anywhere from 2$ to 6$ at any given point. You can also raise someone elses bet anywhere from 2 to 6$ more. So not necessarily pot limit. Really it's basically limit hold'em. Most NL games play very close to Pot Limit anyways.. So if you're looking for PL I'd jump in a No Limit game. But if you're looking for something a little lower stakes that you can't lose your whole stack in a hand, then this game works to kill some time, or just jump in a regular limit game.

    Of course any low stakes game, you're affected by the rake, but still, a fun game to play if you want a non-serious game with the buddies to kill some time, and of course there can be some pretty bad players in these to make up for the rake...

  3. Oh yeah, see your asking more specifically about "Limit Hold'em" it's called. As zzyzx said... if it's a 4/8 game... you'd call or raise in increments of 4$ -- ie if it's 4$ currently, can raise it to 8$ or call 4$... This is preflop, and on the flop.

    Then if you're still in the hand on the turn... and you wanted to bet... You'd bet 8$ and other players can call or raise it up to 16$... You could then call or reraise to 24$ etc. But this is only from Turn on to the River - Same betting on river.

    So 8/16 Limit would play the same as above but in increments of 8$ preflop and on the flop, and then 16$ on the Turn and River. I used to play 8/16 pretty regularly and come home with 800$ plus after a number of hours often... but that was years ago in LA and had some pretty soft games at the time..

  4. great information - thx.

    I'm not a high roller but will play the 1-3 NL game. If my buddy goes I'll play same stakes as he does; more on the limit games until he's comfortable.

    once again thank you for the information.


  5. Just keep in mind that limit poker can be a very different game. It isn't just the stakes that are different. Much of the strategy and the way people play is different as well. I like to call limit hold'em "bingo poker" or "lotto poker." You will usually have lots of multi-way pots, lots of people staying in until the showdown, and generally bigger hands winning at showdown. It isn't a situation where you can flop top pair and top kicker and take it down right there.

  6. @NYTider that's good to know. About a month away from the trip.