max buy in at a 1/2 table

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8 people on a waiting list for a 1/2 table min buy in $200 max 75% of the biggest stack. They open another table for us. Everybody bout in between 200-400. I think we we're maybe 10-20 hands in. And they let a guy from a higher blind table sit at our table. He joined with well over $2000. Dealer told him about the max. He said he can play with any amount because his coming from another table. Even management came over and said it was okay. I chimed in... how is it really any different then someone using this chips? He has the advantage regardless. We all had a couple hundred to our names. And then big D!€¥ David comes in swinging his meat on the table. Why not just cash out if you want play on a lower blind table? He pretty much k Ickes out the whole table in an hour. So, before I give my two cents again to management next time I go. I'd to hear how other people feel. There were mix feeling at the table. But I think everybody wish they took my side afterwards. Went from friendly game to cutthroat.


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    The rule in most card rooms is once a table has been opened for at least 30 mins, any player with a stack of at least the minimum buy in can transfer. A lot of semi pros do this to take advantage of having a larger stack at capped games where the cap is usually $300. But if you’re saying the cap is 75% biggest stack, then you or anyone else could have topped up to get close to his stack or just put in a transfer to another table 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. He’s doing it to intimidate you, but it doesn’t matter. The effective stacks are still 200-400. It’s the same as if he had the lower amount, but you knew he had plenty of rebuy cash behind. Don’t let it get to you, it’s an illusion.

  3. Thanks guys for the feedback. lesson learned.