Mirage not open?

Question by colorado99ss Posted

I just saw that the Mirage Poker Room is temporarily closed. Anyone know what is happening there? I like playing there.



  1. Jerry,

    They are doing the first part of a casino floor remodel. The cage is being moved from the center of the floor to where the poker room used to be. It's not going to take up that whole space and a smaller version of the poker room will re-open in part of that spot. They are supposed to re-open the room in mid-May.


  2. Dave,
    Thanks for the information. I hope it isn't too small. I might be there in April, so I guess I will try a few other places.

  3. I love the place and I will be there in June . . . let's hope they keep on schedule.

  4. @Dap Poker i was walking by the "old" poker room last week and all i saw was signage
    announcing a new bar was opening in the area once occupied by the poker room. no
    info at all saying a new poker room was opening or where it would be located. are they really
    going to re-open the room? if so, they are doing a poor job of communicating the room's future to those who pass by the area.

  5. @zzyzx
    I haven't been in Mirage since the room closed. What they said prior to closing and what is still on Bravo is that they will be re-opening in mid-May (Bravo says May 15th). I was told by several dealers that the room was going to be largely in the same space, with the cage being moved to part of the old room. Was the round bar in front of the poker room (with the lounge that was between the poker room and the sports book) still open, or were they working on that space as well? If it is closed, then maybe the sign was for that bar?

    And I'm not surprised that they are not communicating things about the poker room well to people walking by. Poker doesn't get a lot of love from casino management. I'm sure they'd rather just have all of us play slots or video poker.

    @Goodshoe - Bravo still listing old tourneys. I'd guess that once they have a better feel for traffic in the new room, they might make some adjustments, but I haven't heard anything.


  6. Dave - thanks for relaying the Mirage's remodel plans. As of right now, the remodel is on schedule to open mid-May. The same games will be offered.

  7. Is the target opening date still 15 May? How many tables will be there?


  8. According to Bravo they are reopening on May 22 at 8 am.

  9. @USC91 The Mirage Poker Room will re-open on May 22nd, 2015 at 8am in the same area. The room will offer the same games. There will be 2 daily tournaments 11am and 7pm adding a $100 NLH Buy-in on Saturday night. Join us in re-opening the room!

  10. @Goodshoe Yes for 11am Sun - Fri; Yes for 7pm Sun - Thurs; $120 for 11am Stack on Sat; $100 for Bounty on Fri @ 7pm and $100 for Sat @ 7pm NLH

  11. @Goodshoe Thank you for your input. We will certainly look at the structure. We do want to offer the payout structure the players prefer.

  12. @MiragePoker2013 I will be in LV in early June and I am delighted to hear that the poker room will be open !! I have been playing at the Mirage for the past several years and it is my favorite room.

    Regarding the tournaments: I actually prefer playing more players. I think that it brings more players and also has the effect of bringing them back.