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Hello everyone. I'm going to be in Vegas for a week starting Saturday. I've never played poker in a casino. I'm looking for a good daily tournament. It seema to me that most room reviews are done by cash players. I'd like some insight on the dailys besides the facts I find on structure number of runners etc. Thanks.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm leaning towards playing the 1pm at Aria. I want ti play a good tournament that's a good value.

  2. When i go, i like the Friday night tourny at The Orleans. I also like the tournies at Stratosphere. If you are there by 12 this Saturday (9/27) i think the Stratosphere is having a tourny that they have the last Saturday of the month that is a pretty good one. The last time i was there (back in Jan) i ended up playing 3 or 4 of the tournies at the Quad. Mainly because i was staying there, but i also like the laid back atmosphere. The tourny is a cheap buy in, and the structure isnt really all that good , but not a lot of serious players there so it is a fun time to "warmup".

  3. aria 1p is good and so is orleans fri night. those are prob the best in town, but sometimes venetian has good ones too so you prob want to check their schedule here.

  4. Venitian is out of my price range. I'm going to take a shot at Aria.

  5. Check out the TI 10 pm - best structure for a tourney on the strip for a buy-in under $100.

  6. @billycanuck Agreed, for a $65 buy in, the TI structure is really good...until the jump from 500/1k to 1k / 2k, but it doesn't happen until after the 2nd break. For $100+ buy in though, nothing beats the Aria dailies.

  7. Well mu friend and I ended up playing the 10 am and 3pm at Harrahs. I didn't cash either but my friend took down both. I enjoyed both tournaments.

  8. Live in vegas the Orleans has great poker room and the pkanet Hollywood is good also