New to playing poker for real money.

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So I've been playing poker online for a while and want to try my hand at some cash games. There are so many variations of poker most of which I have no idea how to play. I know Texas Holdem. How do I sign up for Texas hold em game? I'm also new to this app just downloaded it today. Any pointers or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone! Looking to play in or around mass or new Hampshire.


  1. Check out the new Encore in Boston. They spread 1/3 and all you have to do is going to the poker room and tell them you want to play. They will sit you down at an open seat or put you on a short waiting list.

  2. If you plan to start out at $1/$2, just be prepared with the right amount of money. A good rule of thumb is that most casinos will let you buy in for 100-150 big blinds, some a little more. It is probably also a good idea to be prepared with an extra buy-in or two behind. Just find a casino in the listings on this site, go to the poker room, and tell the person at the counter that you want to play $1/$2. You will find Holdem at every casino, and most start at either $1/$2 or $1/$3. In most cases, they prefer you to buy chips at the cashier and bring them to the table. Just tell the cashier that you need, for example, "$200 in red." Get a player card at the casino, and give it to the dealer when you sit. Poker players don't get a lot of comps, but you should get whatever you can.

    Drinks are usually free as you play. Just tip the server. And it is generally expected that you tip the dealer as well. I normally tip $1 whenever I win a hand on which there was a flop.

    The dealer will make change for you. So when it is your big blind, you can just put out a red chip. After the betting round is completed, the dealer will give you three white ones, assuming you either checked or folded.

    I found it to be very worthwhile, when my wife started playing, that we played a bit in a free bar league, just to get her accustomed to sitting at the table and handling chips and cards.