NLHE Las Vegas

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Not new to Vegas but fairly new to poker. Getting my feet wet in 1/2 games on my trip back next month, suggestions on where to play? Just looking to work on my game and maybe get a lil bankroll in the process. Staying at golden nugget (no max buy in) and had planned on playing there and or binions. Any tips for a newbie would also be appreciated, thanks!!!


  1. play at the nugget, not much if any action anymore at binion's.

  2. The Nugget is going to have more action in general. But, watch the games since there is no maximum buyin. If a lot of people bought in really big, it might not be the best game to play as a beginner.

    Also, there will be a number of decent choices if you want to head to the strip -- Mirage, Harrah's, Bally's and Flamingo all come to mind.


  3. in a cash game deep stacks should not bother you, in fact these are the better games to play in. if you head to the strip, play either 1/2 at Caesars or 1/3 at Wynn, the smaller rooms just don't have the game selection and they are usually filled with a higher number
    of promo chasing nits who will make for a terrible game.

  4. @zzyzx - I agree that for someone used to playing poker a game with bigger stacks is often a better game. However, the original poster said he is fairly new to poker. In that specific case, deep stacks can be a bit intimidating and I wanted to point that out in case it was an issue for him/her.

    @jmac23 - zzyzx does make a good point about promo chasers. If you do go to the strip, watch the games for a bit first. If there are a bunch of $100 stacks, and most people are folding every hand, then that game is full of the promo chasing nits he mentioned. Those players are there to "log hours" for the weekly freeroll and won't put any money into the pot without a big hand. So, the games will be pretty bad, and you are better off moving on and finding another game.


  5. The Golden Nugget game doesn't really play like a deep stack. Most of the deep stacks play basic TAG. The stack is there for 'bluff-proofing' themselves as in 'don't bluff me, I have $1000'.

    Caesars gets a fair amount of casino status chasing nits too since they credit 34 tier points a hour for the 1/2 for Total Rewards.