PartyPoker vs. Borgata Online Poker

Question by 37th Chamber Posted

Anyone have any thoughts regarding which site to play on?

I am an intermediate online poker player (stars back in the day) and looking to get back in the game...thx


  1. Party and Borgata are very similar. The two companies have partnership where they use the same PartyPoker software and also combine the players in some of their games and tournaments. Personally, I prefer PartyPoker because they have better promotions (including the Hoodie I got from this site). I also think Party has more players of their own, so I assume they will have more tourney options.

  2. Liquidity is shared so I think the combination of the two has the most players currently in New Jersey.

    The promotions for Borgata seem to be tailored to newer players, but with Party I think they just changed the promotion.

    Also like GameChanger said, if you want a free hoodie, you should use the links here., I signed up for Party through atlas in late November and just got it. Might want to check the promotions page here ;-)

  3. Partyyyyy