Payday tourney refund?

Question by Suzyms Posted

How do we get a refund for the tournament that was raided today?


  1. You would have to call the district attorney office to find out how they will handle

  2. @louiegrandie that means most likely you are not getting it back. I remember back in the days (long time ago), I had about 3k in party poker, after the fed shut it down, all my money in that account is gone.

  3. LVG
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    Yes money gone, sucks but is what it is. I don’t think anyone that ever walked in Prime or Post Oak ever thought they were seriously legal. You don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to realize gambling isn’t legal in Texas and that we have to drive east to legally gamble in Louisiana. It’s like having drug money taken during a drug raid then wanting a refund from the government lol. If you couldn’t afford to lose it for good you shouldn’t have given it away.

  4. @LVG the way the laws are written the clubs were legal if they stuck to no rake. The thing that nailed Prime and Post Oak was allegations of Money Laundering. The big money man from Galveston that owns a casino in Lake Charles pushed this I’m sure. Time to just legalize full casino gambling in Texas.

  5. LVG
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    @Tripswin62 i agree that’s a loophole they use in their sales push but lets be honest if it were that easy we would have legal “legitimate legal” Card rooms from the big casinos. Trust me the “loopholes” they claim are just sales tactics to get naive people in the door. If I said I had a crack house but I’m no selling crack I’m just charging a door fee chair rental fee and crack pipe rental fee but I wasn’t selling crack would it be legal? Most people would say no but find the right crackhead and they will say I’m a genius and it’s legal. Poker is the crack. I had an hourly room and my lawyers literally searched high and low to figure out a truly legal way to operate and nothing could be figured out. If they legalized just poker in Texas that would be great but trust me it isn’t happening anytime soon. Plenty of places to play anyways