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Question by Ynotony Posted

Looking for west side holdem players around Peoria Glendale area. Might be starting home poker league. Sound interesting to anyone who's not a complete D bag/jerk/rude. Respectful players don't have to be soft but respectful


  1. Really? I know there has to be some players out here. Where y'all at

  2. @Ynotony Palm valley community center has a really good, well run game, most Friday nights.

  3. @aguzabets really? What time? And is this a tournament or cash game?

  4. @Ynotony l do not know if there will be a game this Friday. They start 7:30pm $42 tournament then cash after usually. Email Kent:

    Kent runs the league he can give you all the info.

  5. @aguzabets ok thx for the info