Pia Gow question with a Designated Player

Question by DGolfSun Posted

The question is; if the players Fortune Bet is an exact tie or copy hand different suit as the Designated Players hand, is it a push or does the player loose their wager? I'm finding in every rule post that ALL Copy Hands or Tie's, no matter fortune bonus hand or straight up hand the player looses their wager. Unless the House makes a made-up rule, it seems every Pia Gow, Copy Hand no matter Straight-up or Fortune Bonus in every Official Rules & Regulations Books the result is in the player losing their bet to the Designated Player / Banker.
I'm being told it is a Push.
No where in any Rule- guide, post, handbook, etc. does it say a Copy Hand in the game of Pia Gow is a Push. (that I've found)
Wherever this ruling is posted in writing as an official document other than a made up House Rule, please send it on to this post.
I appreciate ya'lls valuable time & efforts!