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Question by runitup365 Posted

Hi all, I'm somewhat new to poker but really enjoy playing. I've spent hours watching different streams and live tournaments over the summer and wanted to get a little more involved.

I mostly play online through PokerStars but it's pretty hard to learn some of the basics until you're playing for real money.

There was a similar post here about training/coaching but I'm open to anything: from coaching to casual play. I really want to spend some time working on my range. It's good enough to win a few KO tourneys but I play too loose in cash games.

If anyone is in the area, just drop a comment. I'm pretty chill, just a little apprehensive about hitting the casino or any poker rooms on my own.


  1. I'm from California, and I'm also start's playing poker and this is the amusement state of earn money..If you are there then contact me..!