Poker near Louisville KY

Question by chaknine Posted

Does anyone know of any home games around the Louisville/Cincinnati area? All casinos seem to be closed.


  1. River Rats Poker plays on the pokerrrr2 app (can be downloaded on android or apple). We run games daily with low rake and capped at $5. Run games from .50/$1 -$2/4 with plenty of action as we have over 370 players

    We do at least one weekly freeroll a week on Sundays to give back to our players, and have a monthly freeroll giving away an iPad this month.

    We do referral bonuses, high hand bonuses and splash random pots with extra chips.

    Payouts happen as soon as the table breaks or first thing every morning.

    Club code is #YLVT6

    If your interested either message me or text me at 910-709-7558