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The bike is running "$20K Saturday QR Texas Hold'em
What does the QR stand for?


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  2. Larry 5,

    I looked at the Bicycle's webpage and they have tournaments called "Quantum Tournaments" which typically are a 1 add-on tournaments and no chance to re-enter multiple times. I would guess that QT stands for "Quantum Tournament".


  3. Thanks, DapPoker! Will take note of that.

  4. Larry S

    The QR stands for Quantum RELOAD and the previous commenter is inaccurate. The Quantum Reload structure is patented and copyrighted by Mo, the Tournament Director at the Bike. It is generally played over multiple days (such as multiple flights of Day1 ie; Day1a Day1b Day1c, etc. )
    I believe the event they play on Saturdays has three flights in the same day, as a one-day version of the patented structure... each progressively more expensive and each gets you more chips but costs more money, but they all feed into the same prize pool which is paid out that same night. Different players employ different approaches to this structure. You can come in early and pay a smaller entry fee with a smaller starting stack and try to hang on through all flights, or some prefer to play later in the day because it is a GRIND to start at the beginning. You have optional add ons and I believe the commenter was correct in the Saturday structure that you may only be allowed ONE re-entry per flight. Call the casino tournament desk for additional details or confirmation, these are just my recollections from when I lived there and the Bike was a frequent stop on my tours.

  5. @DapPoker thanks