Rebounding from a lull...

Question by VegasFanboy Posted

Had a bad run at the tables lately and getting ready to actually head to Vegas in a month or so. Want to try to right the ship before then. What does everyone do when they've been through an extended downturn?


  1. Hey man..first of all..repeat this often..."I can control expected value..I am powerless over variance". You just need to know that when your AA gets run over by 6/5 off suit when you managed to get all in pre flop that you did a good thing and we're a huge favorite....but if some player is a big action junkie and wants to continually take the worst of it there's nothing you can do if the cards don't fall your way. Just make sure that you are playing good poker and keeping your fundamentals high. You may try a session where you play nothing lower than pocket 10's. Stay crazy tight and get a few wins. Then you can open up a bit. Don't be too sneaky..if you flop two pair with AK...go for a nice turn bet. Most of all...just take your time and think a bit before you move...a little contemplation goes a long way. Have fun and good luck!

  2. @txevans That's a great line and good suggestions. I do take solace in knowing that during that time, I was making pretty good reads and getting my money in properly. Variance struck, as it inevitably does. Thanks!

  3. Try reading a book to help provide some new perspective to your game. It's a great way to pass time during a flight. I enjoyed Duhamel's book last trip to LV.